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Dr. Charlotte Weaver's Treatise on the Higher Human Psychic Integration

 "An attempted lay treatise on the higher human psychic integration, discussing the identity, genesis, powers and functions of the human psyche or soul in terms of sub-atomic physics and a pre-pre-frontal area of the human cerebral cortex that does not exist in any extrahuman brain, their relationship with human behavior patterns. Cast beyond the frontiers of parapyschology, suprasensory reception, submolecular biochemistry, from the vantage of associated bits of personal experience, imbibed tribal memories, collected related experience of contemporaries, historic philosophies and religions, prehistoric archeology and paleography, semantics, the contemporary sciences. Ranging from yesterday through today into tomorrow. 

Designed for the attempted sharing of its considered moieties with other human persons."

--- Dr. Charlotte Weaver, D.O., F.A.C.N., N., Z.D.

The Books

Dr. Weaver's treatise consists of three books: Book One: After Those Days; Book Two: Biography of Unas; and Book Three: The Piedmont Epic.  The text and illustrations were originally handwritten/drawn in pencil on onionskin paper by Dr. Weaver.  Prof. Georgann Cullen typed the text, word for word, and ultimately, the text was digitized, appearing here as pdf files.  Dr. Weaver's original graphics, as they appear on this site, were scanned/inked/digitized as appropriate by Laurie Webelhuth.


Currently, only Book One is available via this website in its entirety.  However, Dr. Weaver's original manuscripts and research data/notes from all three books (plus a few other personal items) will soon be available at the Andrew Taylor Still Museum of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, Missouri, USA.

Since Dr. Weaver intended for her knowledge to be shared for the human good, you may read/download from here for free(Please follow copyright laws, however.)

How to access The Books from this site

The contents of Book One and Book Two are posted as individual pdf files.  The text is organized by Chapter, each with its own clickable access button.  The illustrations associated with a given chapter are also accessible by clickable buttons.  Illustrations are referenced using the Book number, followed by the Chapter number (and chapter section as appropriate), followed by the figure sequence number.  For example, 1-05-03-B-01 means the illustration is associated with the readings of Book One, Chapter V, section 3b, and is the first figure.  Please be aware that not all chapters have associated graphics.  Also, there are no illustration citations directly in Dr. Weaver's prose. 

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